Graffiti from Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, is an interesting town where the history is melancholic and, sometimes, bitter. Efforts are currently being made to revive some of the grandeur that the capital of the Tsars of the Second Bulgarian Empire once held. Between taverns with good food, craftsmen financed through European projects and the always present replacement of the sidewalk I found some graffiti. The plague of tagging in the city is accompanied by an important number of pieces.

The principal feature of these graffiti is the consistency with the image of the town as cherished historical landmark. The drawings incorporate popular themes and religious motifs and seem protected (at least not promptly removed) by the local authorities and inhabitants. A few pieces which display characteristics of irony, sex or rebellion are located in side passages or bridges. The photos featured in this gallery were taken in October 2016 during a visit in the historical part of the town.

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